Tread Athletics: Building the 95 MPH Body for Baseball Athletes


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Building the 95 MPH Body is one of the most comprehensive e-Books available on the topic of building pitching-specific strength, muscle and power. Going far beyond just providing immediately applicable strength training and nutrition guidelines, it will empower you with the knowledge to take control of your career.​

The E-Book is authored by Ben Brewster, founder of TreadAthletics. Throwing 73 mph entering high school (at 6'3" 155 lbs), Ben had an unlikely path to pro ball, gaining over 65 pounds and 20+ miles per hour. This book is a synthesis of the training and nutritional principles he used to do it.

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Ben Brewster, BSc, CSCS

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*Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't love it, return it. No questions asked.

-- What People Are Saying --

Kyle BoddyFounder, Driveline Baseball

Ben's meticulous attention to detail was reflected in his own history of training, going from a scrawny high school pitcher to ultimately drafted by the Chicago White Sox. It is my great pleasure to recommend Ben as one of the sharpest trainers we've ever had at Driveline, and the bar for praise at my facility is set rather high.

Tanner ReklaitisCollege Pitcher

I struggled to put on weight for many years. I did the typical, "but I'm eating ALL THE TIME" thing. Well, I read your book and it changed everything. In two months I have gone from 6'5" 206 to 219 lbs and hit 90 mph for the first time!

Christian MeisterRHP, Indians

In 8 weeks I went from 6'4" 204 to 214 lbs, I added almost 100 lbs to my squat, and I touched 95 mph for the first time. This led to me being drafted by the Cleveland Indians. If you’re a pitcher who is serious about getting stronger, look no further.

Michael O'NealLHP, Braves

A must read for anyone aspiring to be a professional baseball pitcher.

Scott BrownPitching Coach, Vanderbilt

What a foundational in-depth guide! Need a place to learn how to completely train the body? Must read "Building the 95 MPH Body."

Ryan Faer, CSCSEx-MiLB Strength Coach - Mets/Dodgers

It's the guide I wish I had as a high school pitcher topping out out at 85, living 80-82.

-- What You Will Learn --


How to actually gain weight, no matter how "bad" your genetics. We distill this into ridiculously easy to follow guidelines you can use immediately.


Understanding the influence of strength training on muscle mass, velocity and performance across every level baseball: from high school to MLB.


A look at what type of strength and power development is genetically possible, setting realistic but achievable goals for yourself.


Key velocity principles and how to adjust your training based on individual needs...exercise selection, progressions and periodization discussed. 


Crucial metrics to hit (including bodyweight, muscle mass and strength measures) and how you stack up against professional pitchers.


Our Tri-Planar approach to power development, and discover our favorite pitching-specific exercises that you can begin using immediately.

-- Get a Sneak Preview --

About the Creator


Hey! I'm Ben Brewster.

I help pitchers throw harder by getting strong, flexible and powerful.

I wrote this book for a single reason: to help other pitchers fulfill their dreams and transform their bodies just like me. 

You see, what I didn't fully realize at age 15 when I began training (weighing 155 lbs), is that there is a system to maximizing your potential as an athlete. 

Contrary to conventional wisdom, velocity CAN be taught. 

Pitchers' bodies, like race cars, are machines that can be upgraded, enhanced and fine-tuned through proper training, nutrition, and science. 

I'm here to show you how. ​

Me throwing 81 at 180 lbs... sitting 95-98 in bullpens.

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*Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't love it, return it. No questions asked.