Ryan came to Tread Athletics going into his senior year of high school at 5'9", 17 years old, and with the dream of playing college baseball. He had no structured lifting experience, and was hoping to take control of his development, making a final push to college baseball. During his time with Tread Athletics, Ryan put that dream into action, going from a 67 mph fastball to actually receiving offers from multiple D3 schools throwing 76 mph.


Ryan decided to work with Tread Athletics, knowing he had the work ethic to play at the next level. He didn't have the prior coaching or knowledge to make much progress year to year, and just wanted a clearly defined plan for him to follow so he could focus on one thing: doing the work.

Body Recomposition:

Ryan's starting point had him around 175 lbs at 5'9", needing to both add a significant amount of lean mass on top of dropping at least 5% body fat so that he could return to an athletic body composition. This put him at somewhat of a disadvantage given his limited timeframe to start accruing college interest within 6 months. 

Our plan settled on taking him through a slow body recomposition, ultimately dropping 11 lbs while nearly doubling all of his lifting metrics.  By highlighting Ryan's need to gain significant strength in all of his main movements, he was able to identify and remedy one of his main limiting factors.  After 6-months of hard training, he was able to realize a large increase in his strength numbers as well as his peak velocity.  (See improvements below.)

Mechanical Adjustments:

Ryan's throwing patterns weren't as big of an issue as the fact that he had no strength or power flowing through them. Lacking a strength based severely reduced his ability to quickly move his arm and body through space. Despite having a loose arm action and getting in and out of positions that would suggest he should be capable of one day tossing into the mid 80's, Ryan wasn't even scratching the surface of these velocities. Still, as we focused on building that strength base, we still kept in touch about his mechanics and kept him focused on smoothly flowing through these patterns and applying a high level intent at the proper places in his delivery.

Scott Kazmir (when he threw 96 in HS), made a great model for Ryan, closely mirroring many of the same patterns, and helping illustrate the importance of continuing to increase his strength /power/intent. 

A sample of Ryan's mechanics. His already decent patterns were aided big time by overhauling his strength metrics and ability to apply intent.  

The Actualization of a Dream:

Near the end of Ryan’s 6 months, he began receiving calls from several D3 teams with roster openings. What had been a pipe dream turned into +9 mph with the realization that he would have 4 more years to push the envelope even more. Still just scratching the surface of his potential, he’s an excellent example that not every athlete has pro aspirations, but it’s never too late to make a change and re-dedicate yourself to the pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself.