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Before starting with Tread, I knew that in order to achieve my goals as a baseball player, I would need to change the way I trained. I didn't have a lot of experience or knowledge about weight training or proper nutrition. Ben and Coan did a great job of putting together a program that would set me up for success, all I had to do was put in the work. They've don'e everything in their power to help in my development as a player and the results have been amazing. I've gone from 225 lbs to 195, and I've gone from sitting 85-87 to sitting 90-92 and touching 94.

Jake dropped 25-30 lbs and went from 85-87 to 90-92 touching 94.

RHP, Goldey-Beacom College | @jake_kinsell

While I lifted heavy and had gotten strong, I never really knew what I was doing pertaining to baseball specific training. Ben helped me with my nutrition to lose fat, and with my mobility to help me get into more efficient positions in my delivery. I went from 83-85 to 87-90 mph. If you're willing to put in the work, Tread will help you get there.

Call celebrating his first 90 mph, then squatting 425 lbs for reps.

RHP, East Texas Baptist University | @callflorence3

My relationship with Ben has been very influential for me. As a tall gangly catcher converted to pitcher on my way into college, I desperately needed a comprehensive system that would help me address my many weaknesses. In the fall of 2015, I started at 6'5" 215lbs with all sorts of movement deficiencies, but pulling down 98 and hitting 90 on the mound. A year later, I was 245 lbs, pulling down 103 mph, hitting 95 from my delivery and my strength numbers through the roof [see video below].

Ultimately, elbow issues dating back to before ever meeting Ben led me to end my training. Ben helped give me a fighting chance, despite my nagging issues. 

Now, as a coach, Ben’s system of integrating all the facets of player development sticks with me as I turn around to try to help other athletes find their way. The internet is littered with guys out there who seem to have all the quick answers and shortcuts to throwing hard. Ben has spent more years trying to figure this whole thing out than anyone I’ve ever come across, so he knows better than anyone how detailed and foundational this training process has to be. If anyone out there wants to talk to Ben’s clients, pick me. I’d love to take the time to help anyone out there thinking about investing in their training process.

Connor squatting mid 400's for reps and punching mid 90's.

[Connor, a former college RHP, recently accepted a position as Pitching Coach at Northern Iowa Area Community College. He still holds Tread's college pulldown and squat records.]

Pitching Coach, NIACC | @cfaix15

Tread Athletics has helped broaden my knowledge of strength-based, metric driven training. Their regimen demands athletes to be accountable and disciplined with each and every step of their personal training. Adding their repertoire to a motivated player will produce results at any level.

Footage of Mike carving up Big East hitters.

RHP, St Johns University | @likemopresti

Training with Tread was one of the best decisions I've made in my baseball career. These guys really show they care about your development and give you all the tools necessary in maximizing your potential.

Alex pulling a 500 pound deadlift.

RHP, Valparaiso University | @alexdirienzo

Tread Athletics helped me learn so much. For a long time I knew what I wanted to achieve but I had no real sense of direction. These past 6 months I learned how to optimally train my body for my most efficient self. I also learned how to handle my dips in numbers week to week and instead of just getting upset and down on myself I learned to take a step back and re-evaluate the week leading up to those low testing days. Ben was also there every step of the way, he helped me adjust my program week to week based on the results I was seeing. One thing he did that gets really overlooked was he allowed me to make my own tweaks based on what I liked and felt helped me. If I wanted an extra long toss day I was able to do that or if I felt I needed more rest I was encouraged to do so. Overall, I can't wait to start again with another 6 months. I really hope to continue my career and I think Ben offers me the best opportunity at that.

RHP, Grambling State University | @DanialWilson07

Spending the summer training with Tread Athletics was one of the best decisions I've made. After coming off an injury before my senior year in high school, I found that my arm strength still wasn't where I wanted it to be after my freshman year in college. Ben and the rest of the guys at Tread helped me re-develop my arm strength to the point where I feel like I can compete again. Ben's programs were extremely comprehensive, and provided a sense of direction as I progressed through the summer. He also made himself available to me whenever there were any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Ben and the guys at Tread to dedicated athletes at all levels.

[Michael was down to 76-77 mph following an injury the year prior. Over 4 months, he dropped 15 lbs, improved all strength markers and finished at a steady 80-83 mph in bullpens]

RHP, Emory University | @Mleeder22

I began working with the guys at Tread about two years ago. During that spring, my velocity was consistently 5-7 mph slower than what I was used to. My coaches weren't providing me with the help that I felt I needed, so I turned to Ben and the Tread team. When the season ended and I began my training full-time, I gained 20 pounds and my velocity climbed back up into the 90's after 3-4 months of hard work and expert programming. If you're looking for a customized remote training program and elite mentorship at an affordable price, then look no further than Tread Athletics.

[Chance, a former college RHP, recently began a pitching podcast called Art of Pitching, which he now runs full time. Check out Tread's episode here.]

Host, Art of Pitching Podcast | @aopitching