Please film these brief videos (~10 sec each) showing the following positions/movements. You will be given instructions for how and where to upload them. Email us at with any questions

1. Basic Postural Assessment

Please show front, back and side angles for 2-3 seconds each. Shorts only. Make sure to be relaxed and standing in a natural posture.​

3. Shoulder Internal Rotation (both sides)

This tests for imbalances between your dominant and non-dominant throwing shoulders. Laying on your side with your shoulder firmly in contact with the ground, gently press your arm downwards until you feel slight tension in the back of your shoulder. Repeat on the opposite side.

5. Ankle Mobility

This tests functional ankle mobility. Begin with the left foot in front, and bend the ankle until the knee makes contact with the wall. Move the foot back until the knee can just barely touch the wall. Repeat for the other side. We are looking for the knee to pass well in front of the toes (as shown left) while the heel of the front foot stays firmly on the ground.

7. Overhead Shoulder Flexion

Standing with your legs straight, and butt, upper back and head all in contact with the wall, straighten your arms and lift them overhead, attempting to touch the wall. Make sure to keep your ribcage down by flexing your abs, rather than letting your chest flare upwards to help you touch the wall. A passing test is the hands getting to the wall without the ribcage flaring up or elbows bending to compensate.

9. T-Spine Extension

This tests the ability of the athlete to extend the thoracic spine (mid back) and also horizontally abduct the shoulders. Laying with a standard foam roller on your mid back, with your butt and feet flat on the floor, relax over the roller and try to touch the back of your head and both elbows to the floor.

11. Active Straight Leg Raise

This tests functional hamstring range of motion. Lying face-up on the ground, with your arms at your sides and head flat on the ground, raise one leg up as far as possible while keeping both knees straight. Repeat for the other side as well.

13. Thomas Test

This tests the ability of the athlete to relax into passive hip extension. Lay on your back on a bench with your hips just at the edge. Pull your knee to your chest and relaxing the opposite leg off the table. Repeat on the other side.

15. External Rotation Strength/Endurance

This tests the strength/endurance of the athlete's rotator cuff. Keeping strict form and initiating movement solely at the shoulder, count how many reps you get until you feel an 8-9 out of 10 burn (don't go to absolute failure). Record all reps.

17. Video of Throwing Mechanics

Submit current or recent video of your throwing mechanics (preferably in game or a bullpen) from the side and either front or back (both is okay). This helps us identify major mechanical red flags that are costing you velocity, and gives us a better idea of what your specific limiting factors are.

2. Prone Hip Rotation

This tests for imbalances between your hips. Take the video from behind. With your knees flexed to 90 degrees, thighs touching, and laying flat on your stomach, allow the feet to fall outwards until you feel a slight stretch in your hips.

4. Beighton Laxity Tests

This tests for double-jointedness (hypermobility). Perform these 5 tests back to back. Don’t force any of these tests, we just want to see your normal range of motion. Pull your pinky back as far as it will go, try to touch thumb to forearm, straighten both elbows, straighten either knee fully and attempt to touch the floor while keeping your legs straight.

6. Overhead Squat

This tests the ability to correctly perform a squatting pattern. With your feet roughly shoulder width, and toes pointed straight ahead or slightly out, descend into a deep squat with your arms straightened overhead. Try to keep your weight on the heels, chest up and get as low as possible. A passing test is when the athlete gets to full depth (below parallel) while keeping the back neutral, feet flat and arms fully overhead.

8. Scapular Movement

This test helps show how your scapulae move and function. Take this video from the rear view. Remove your shirt, and simply raise the arms straight overhead in front of you while holding 3-5 lb weights, staying relaxed, then slowly lower them back down to your side. Repeat this but raise them out to the side and go all the way overhead like a jumping jack, then slowly lower them back down. Do this twice each.

10. Fist-to-fist Test

This tests functional shoulder mobility. Make two fists and try to touch them behind your back like so. Repeat on both sides. There is no need to use a ruler as shown in the picture, although you may if you like.

12. Push-Up Tap Test

This tests general core stability in multiple planes. With your body held in a straight line, descend into a shoulder-with push-up. Push up and without shifting your bodyweight, tap your opposite shoulder. Feet should be wider than shoulder width. Repeat on the opposite side.

14. Hip External Rotation Test

This tests the ability to relax the hips into external rotation. Lay on your back and cross the foot over and just above the opposite knee. Relax the hip and let the knee fall down without forcing it. Repeat on both sides.

16. Pec/Lat Tissue Quality Self Assessment

This tests pec and lat tissue quality. Squeeze your throwing arm lat and pec as hard as you can as shown in the video below, and rate your discomfort/pain on a scale of 0-10 in the video. Speak loudly so we can hear.

18. T-Spine Rotation Test

This tests your ability to rotate through your mid back, which is crucial to be able to get in and out of high level positions in a throwing delivery. Get on all fours, sit the butt into the heels and open up as far as you can for several reps on each side. Watch the video below for more info.


This won't be as much of a workout as getting a feel for what your exercise form in various lifts looks like so that we can better customize your program and also provide up-front tips on how to safely perform some of the lifts that will be in your programs in the coming months where you will be starting to move much much heavier loads.

Whether or not you have done all or some of these lifts before, the goal of this is to spend 20 minutes just getting us film of some foundational exercises using a light to moderate weight that you can easily control. 

Make sure you are fully warmed up before-hand, and take 10 minutes to get a good sweat going. Then perform the following, using about 40-50% of the weight you'd normally use on these exercises (if you aren't sure, err way on the side of caution as we just need a general idea). FILM EACH OF THESE SETS, as they will be submitted along with all of these other assessment videos.

*These sets should be absurdly easy, so don't blow it out on any of these lifts, we just need to see your form.*

  1. Barbell Front Squat - 3 reps 
  2. Barbell Back Squat - 3 reps
  3. Barbell Box Squat (parallel box) - 3 reps
  4. Barbell Deadlift (shoulder width stance) - 3 reps
  5. Barbell Romanian Deadlift - 3 reps
  6. Trap Bar Deadlift - 3 reps
  7. Goblet Lateral Lunge - 3 reps/side
  8. 1 Arm Dumbbell Row - 3 reps/arm
  9. Dumbbell Chest-Supported Row - 5 reps
  10. Neutral Grip Dumbbell Bench Press - 5 reps
  11. Bodyweight Push-Up - 5 reps

As explained in your welcome packet, all of these brief videos will need to be uploaded into the dropbox folder you have already created and that folder shared with