Can I write a testimonial for a company?

  • You cannot endorse any company or commercial enterprise. You may explain your story or your experience, but it is always best to keep it factual and not recommend anything.
  • For example, you cannot tweet “@TreadAthletics is the best program in the world. Everyone should get on it ASAP”…. If you have done that, it can be considered a “secondary violation” by the NCAA.
  • Another example of a risky tweet would be “Loving my new @TreadAthletics Shirt.” Even though the shirt may be nice, some compliance officers may end up tagging you for that.

If I can’t endorse a company, can I endorse a political candidate?

  • Yes, as long as you are not compensated for that endorsement.

Can I have a job?

  • Yes, but before accepting you must first clear it with your school’s compliance office and follow their individual protocols as well.

Can I intern?

  • Yes, but before accepting you must first clear it with your school’s compliance office and follow their individual protocols as well.

Can I start a business?

  • Yes, but before accepting you must first clear it with your school’s compliance office and follow their individual protocols as well. You can start a business if your name, image or reputation are not used to promote it. Please check with your compliance before you begin the process of venturing.

Can I give lessons?

  • Yes, but you cannot give lessons on school grounds, charge an unreasonable rate, simulate a game, use your name/image/status as an athlete to promote your endeavors. You must also meet with your school’s compliance office before you do anything at all this nature.

Can I write a yelp review?

  • No.  You cannot use your name or image to leave a review of a business.

Can I have an agent?

  • You can have an advisor but you cannot accept anything (a meal, a glove, a check, etc.) from an agent. You cannot sign a contract with an agent or representative.

Can I go to a pro tryout while I’m still in college even if I don’t sign?

  • The safe answer is no, any sort of competition like setting that is organized by a professional team or organization can come back to get you. It is ALWAYS best to check with your compliance office beforehand even if the answer you get may not be what you want to hear.

Can I play pro-ball overseas during summer between my college seasons?

  • No.

Can I play and be promised to be paid later?

  • No, you will be immediately forfeit your amateurism.

What is an academic redshirt?

  • An example would be a kid who is on scholarship in his first year of enrollment and practices in off-season with the team but can not compete in games during his first year of enrollment who is taking 16 credits or more in a year.

What are the academic rules for me to play( HS-Senior in College)?

Can I model?

  • Only if you’ve modeled for profit before you became an NCAA athlete. It is best to check with your compliance office before doing any modeling because a lot of it could be considered promotional or using your status as an athlete as a promotion.

If my family or friends are paid for my performance, is that okay?

  • No.

Can I be in a commercial or advertisement even if I’m not paid?

  • You cannot knowing allow your name or image to promote a company or profitable entity unless otherwise confirmed by your compliance office.

Is everyone on scholarship?

  • No. Fully funded DI schools can offer 11.7 scholarships. Many schools carry 35 players which is the DI roster limit. It is common for fully funded schools to offer 25% scholarships to 27 players- meaning that on every squad at least 8 guys are walk-ons.

Can I take supplements?

  • You should never take any supplement without first getting it cleared by your athletic training staff, strength and conditioning staff, and other school officials.

Can I play after I get my Bachelors?

  • If you are enrolled in grad school you can still play if you have not exhausted your eligibility.

Can I keep my scholarship for summer classes?

  • Yes. You will need to talk to your coaches and school officials about it but it is allowable.

Can I sell or give away my school and/or team issued gear?

  • No. Be smart and just hang on to it.

Will a post grad/gap year (after High School) affect my eligibility?

  • If you do not take college credits or forfeit your amateurism you should still have full eligibility. Once you begin college courses (even part time) you have 5 years, 10 semesters, of eligibility remaining.

If I redshirt or get cut or take a part time semester or am a JUCO guy, do I need any kind of special credit requirements?  Or, will an AA and a 2.5 (2.3 for DII out of JUCO) GPA keep me eligible?

  • Every school and every conference have different rules regarding credits, transfers and eligibility requirements to compete. You should contact your school (and or prospective school) and find out if they have any specific rules that could affect you. You should also consider this link below outlining what PTD is and why it is so important to you.

What are extra benefits?

  • An extra benefit is a special arrangement by a school employee or booster to provide you a benefit that a regular student or their relatives wouldn’t get.

Can I gamble?

  • You cannot bet on any collegiate or professional sports. You also can not provide information about teams or players to individuals who are making bets. You cannot play fantasy football or fill out a march madness bracket if money is involved. To be safe, no gambling of any sorts.

Can I receive money?

  • You can receive financial aid from anyone whom you are naturally or legally dependent.

As a perspective student-athlete, can I do a workout for the coach if I’m on a visit?

  • You can’t engage in game-like simulations during official or unofficial visits. However, during an unofficial visit, making contact with a coach at an off-campus competition site or practice field does not count as “making contact”.

Can I transfer and be eligible?

  • Check this two sources out for individual cases.

What is the NCAA Violation Structure?