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Hi, I'm Ben Brewster.

Thanks for visiting TreadAthletics.

This is my story.

As a kid, I dreamed about playing professional baseball. I admired the strength, power and effortlessness of the major-league players every time my Dad took me to the ballpark. 

At age 15 I began lifting weights, weighing 155lbs and touching 73 miles-per-hour.

I struggled on the mound, I couldn't gain weight, and I knew nothing about how to build velocity. The following years were spent researching, training and suffering from more mistakes than I care to admit.

By 18, I was 185lbs and throwing 85 miles-per-hour. Being a 6'3" lefty, I squeezed my way onto an ACC roster as a walk-on and began to struggle again. I was still smaller and less powerful than the other pitchers.

I refocused my efforts to find out the most efficient training methods and nutrition strategies that would help a hardgainer like me continue to make progress.

Slowly but surely, my body transformed...

Throwing footage, summer 2017

Before long, I weighed in at 215-220 pounds, touched 95 miles-per-hour and was selected in the 15th round of the 2014 MLB Draft.

This transformation was not a mistake, and the scientific process that I uncovered was not magic. It was the culmination of scientific research, real-world training, trial and error and a never-give-up attitude. 

And the best part? I'm not particularly special.

Which begs the question...

Why not you?​

It may seem to you like throwing 90 or even 80 miles-per-hour is far-fetched, but if I had maintained that outlook, I never would have made it to college, much less pro baseball.

People said I was crazy when I was throwing low 70's and said I would play Division I baseball. Maybe I was. But, then again, maybe it takes a little crazy to do something that, by all accounts, shouldn’t be possible.

I’ve shown that it is.

Kyle BoddyDriveline Baseball

Ben's meticulous attention to detail was reflected in his own history of training, going from a scrawny high school pitcher to ultimately drafted by the Chicago White Sox. It is my great pleasure to recommend Ben as one of the sharpest trainers we've ever had at Driveline, and the bar for praise at my facility is set rather high.

Tanner ReklaitisCollege Pitcher

I struggled to put on weight for many years. I did the typical, "but I'm eating ALL THE TIME" thing. Well, I read your book and it changed everything. In two months I have gone from 6'5" 206 to 219 lbs and hit 90 mph for the first time!

Christian MeisterRHP, Indians

In 8 weeks I went from 6'4" 204 to 214 lbs, I added almost 100 lbs to my squat, and I touched 95 mph for the first time. This led to me being drafted by the Cleveland Indians. If you’re a pitcher who is serious about getting stronger, look no further.


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