Train Smarter. Throw Harder.

A built-for-you training program to get strong and gain velocity.

(For Pitchers and Position Players)




After determining your specific needs, we build you a complete training program that matches your goals. Detailed. Easy-to-follow. No B.S.



You work closely with a trainer via email and video calls to monitor your progress, answer questions, and keep you motivated and on track.



As you adapt, so does your training program. Monthly updates based on your progress, preferences and unforeseen circumstances.

Ages 14+

​6 or 12-month


100% online

~15 hours per week

Customized training. Real-world results. 

6 and 12-month training plans to build a new fastball.



Don't just gain a few pounds. Transform your body into a fine-tuned machine.



Better movement patterns means more velocity and a healthier arm.



Exercises to improve rotational power and throwing velocity. 

About the Creator


Hey! I'm Ben Brewster.

I help pitchers throw harder by getting strong, flexible and powerful.

I was once a scrawny 155 pound kid in high school, struggling to hit 73 miles-per-hour. My training and education led me to completing a degree in exercise science and pitching 4 years in the ACC. Along the way, I gained 65lbs, added more than 20 mph to my fastball and was selected in the 15th round of the 2014 MLB Draft.

But TreadAthletics isn't about me. It's about how myself, and our team can help you.

Pitchers' bodies, like race cars, are machines that can be upgraded, enhanced and fine-tuned through proper training, nutrition, and science. 

I'm here to show you how. ​

- What You’ll Get -

Premium Coaching Features:

A battery of tests to help us identify your weaknesses and correct them.

Access to our comprehensive video library to look up any exercise for instruction.

The bread and butter. A baseball-specific training regimen designed just for you. 

Our coaching team is at your fingertips. Take advantage and hammer us with questions.

Let us guide you through our flexible approach to nutrition, supplements and performance.

Receive a new training phase each month, adjusted based on your goals and progress.  

Submit monthly videos for rapid feedback on exercise technique.*

Includes arm care & recovery work, long toss, command training and weighted ball work.

Monthly video calls to keep in touch, check your progress and answer your questions face-to-face.

*This does NOT include throwing mechanical analysis, which is an optional add-on. Ask us about this feature if you're interested.

What People are Saying...

Christian (@PitchMeister)RHP, Indians

In 8 weeks I went from 6'4" 204 to 214 lbs, added 100 lbs to my squat, and touched 95 mph for the first time. [He was drafted by the Indians and is currently in pro ball]

(Click to play)

Connor (@cfaix15)Draft Prospect

I went from 6'5" 215 to 240 pounds and squatting 500lbs. I pulled down 103.3 mph and my first mound session in over a year I sat low to mid 90s.

Kyle Boddy (@drivelinebases)Driveline Baseball

It is my great pleasure to recommend Ben as one of the sharpest trainers we've ever had...and the bar for praise at my facility is set rather high.

Rob (@PitchingNinja)High School Coach

My son, Jack (age 15), gained 27 pounds in 24 weeks and went from 76-77 to 85-87 miles-per-hour. [He's now touching 95 and committed to GA Tech at 17 years old].

(Click to play)

Tanner (@TReklaitis)College Pitcher

I struggled to put on weight for many years. I did the typical, "But I'm eating ALL THE TIME" thing. In 8 weeks I went from 6'5" 206 to 219 lbs and hit 91 mph! [Update: 95 ]

Sean (@SeanMason14)RHP, App State

I get every bit of information I need from nutrition to training and general advice...I just have to put in the work. In 6 months I went from 172 to 203 lbs, and touched 93.



  • Internally motivated, highly disciplined athletes
  • Able to devote 2-4+ hours, 5-6 days per week
  • Has basic weight training experience (~1-2 years)
  • Understands that success and training is a process 


  • Externally motivated and less disciplined athletes
  • Has little to no resistance training experience
  • Plans to train in basement with 50 lbs of weights 
  • Feels entitled to success without earning it

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