How’s it going?

First off, we couldn’t be more excited to have you on board! This is going to be an awesome experience for you, and if you’re like many of our current team members, it will mark a turning point in your career. You should be thrilled.

​Second, we would like to formally thank you for choosing to become part of the TreadAthletics community. You saw something in us that made you believe we could play a pivotal role in your development. That’s awesome. The next several months are going to be exhilarating. You will see your body begin to transform, and reach uncharted territory in terms of strength and performance.

​That being said, none of it happens without consistent effort from you. It’s going to be the hardest training you’ve ever done, but it will be worth every second.

​Before we get started, we need you to read this welcome package from beginning to end. Not like how you skimmed your high school history textbooks, but actually reading it. It will take you all of 10 minutes, and will explain everything that’s going to happen over the next few months. In particular, the critical first steps we will need to take to get you all set up and allow us to build the best training plan we can for you.

​So, welcome! We are ecstatic to have you here. Let’s get to it.

Here’s to reaching your potential,​

Ben Brewster

Founder, TreadAthletics

(Keep scrolling down the page to begin the intake process)​


Let’s get organized. Visit dropbox and create an account (it’s free). This is going to be how we stay in touch with all your files and progress charts, so get this taken care of before anything else.

Click here to set up a dropbox account

Awesome! The next step is to make a folder in your dropbox account and name it: Your Name_TreadAthletics (example: Ben Brewster_TreadAthletics). At the end of this process you’re going to share this folder with me, but there’s no need to worry about that quite yet.

It’s time for Step 2.


Next order of business, some super easy paperwork for you to complete.

Click Here to Download the Waiver/Release

Complete both these documents and upload them to your dropbox folder.

We cannot send your program until these are completed, so let’s get that done right now. For athletes under 18, make sure to have a parent or legal guardian sign these documents as well. Time for Step 3.


We need to find out some more information about you and your goals.

Here is the intake form for you to complete. Answer these questions as thoroughly as possible:

Copy and past the following link into your browser to view this form:


This is an online form, so once you hit submit; you’re good to go.

Proceed to Step 4.


In order to write your program, we are going to need you to take a number of videos and photos. This will give us a feel for where your restrictions, weaknesses and limiting factors may lie.

Click here to download the assessment.

Without this, we won’t be able to truly individualize the program to your needs, so go ahead and complete that now.

Once you have these videos, upload them to your dropbox folder.


You’re all set! Go ahead and “share” your dropbox folder with contact@treadathletics.com to notify us that you have completed this intake process.

Please note:

  • There is about a 2-day turnaround time for us to build your program once this process is complete.
  • Your training program will be in Microsoft Excel format. For optimized viewing, use Excel for Mac version 2011 or newer. It will still display and print properly on PC, however.


That’s it for the boring work. Now let’s discuss how we are going to stay in touch.


  • Also, don’t treat email like a workout only place. What a lot of people don’t realize when they join this program is that we are interested in way more than just training. We want you to grow as a person, and see what is truly possible with focus, effort and having a dedicated support system behind you. Our coaching team represents decades of training experience. Take advantage of that.
  • When you have questions about exercise form, throwing mechanics or anything else, just film a video on your phone, upload it to YouTube and email us the link.
  • Programs will be written in 4-week blocks. We cannot deliver your following month until you send us your completed charts from the previous month. If you missed some workouts or had trouble with anything, let us know and we will be able to work around it! Communication is key for making this as smooth of a process as possible!
  • In addition to unlimited email support, you may schedule a 20-30 minute Skype or FaceTime call every month to touch base, chat about how things are going and discuss in detail any questions you may be having. To schedule these appointments, go here. (Note: in-season, from March until September, our calling hours are more irregular).


  • You may send mechanical videos and we will schedule monthly Skype or Facetime calls to break down your video frame by frame, compare you to big league models, provide drill cues and suggestions, etc. To schedule these appointments, go here. We cannot guarantee we will answer mechanical questions if you have not purchased the mechanical analysis package. 


  • If anything hurts at any point during the execution of the program, or if any injury occurs during any outside activity (for whatever reason), it is the athlete’s responsibility to notify us, the coaches, at which point we will touch base and make appropriate accommodations within the program. For example, if you twist your ankle during fall practice, shoot us an email and we will modify your activity accordingly. This is imperative for us to be able to ensure safe and effective completion of your training plan.


  • Due to the large up-front time commitment involved in creating each client's program, we do not offer refunds at this time. This is explained in more detail in the paperwork for Step 2.


  • We wish to have open communication with not just the parents, but the athlete as well. Once the program has started, we prefer that questions regarding the execution of the program come from the athlete himself.
  • All training documents will be sent directly to the athlete, although we will allow parental access to these documents if requested. Our athletes must be in control of their training, while knowing that their parents are fully there to support them should they need the assistance.