Tread Athletics is for those athletes who really want to focus on the next level; whatever that may be. They are going to work with you to detail a month to month plan to reach your goals. It is vital that you follow the nutritional plan as well as the workouts and throwing program because they work together to build your strength. While it may look like I only gained 4 mph, I went from sitting 86-88 fading to 84-86 to sitting 89-92 and maintaining that velocity. I am confident that dedicating myself to the process is what got me into the top 200 in the draft. Don't get caught up in the numbers - put in the work daily and the results will follow. Ben and his team are very accommodating to your needs and abilities. If you're looking for a quick easy fix, then this isn't the program for you. I would say to any high school kid, I just wish I would have started earlier.

[Nick went from 235 to 220 lbs over a year, and from topping 90 to 94 mph. He was drafted in the 7th round of the 2017 draft, and finished his first year of pro ball with a 1.31 ERA over 48 innings, logging 62ks to just 8 walks].

Nick was drafted in the 7th rd after dropping 15 lbs and adding 4 mph to his fastball.

LHP, San Diego Padres | @NMarge25

My body composition was not ideal in the beginning, so the guys at Tread had me lose 10 lbs at first, dropping down to 190 lbs and then work my back up to a stronger 202 lbs to start the 2017 season. My velocity went from 88-89 mph touching 90 to now sitting 90-92 mph. This bump in velocity helped me get drafted in the 28th round by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tread Athletics has given me the tools and knowledge to help get my velocity up and help me continue my baseball career. These guys are always open to answer any type of questions I have and their phones/emails are always open. Trying to gain velocity when you are at a higher velocity range is extremely hard and frustrating, but Tread was always there for me and helped me get to where I am today.

Their lifting programs are awesome because you can see that they take their time to research and do a trial and error to see if it works, before they give it to you in your program. Plus, they tailor and create a personalized program for you, which in my eyes, shows how much they care about their clients. It's more than just a client relationship, they are always there for you. Tread Athletics has gotten me to places and experiences with my baseball career that I could only dream of as a little kid growing up to hoping to one day play the game that I love professionally. Tread was life changing for me.

[Matt, 22, was the first player ever drafted out of his school, logging a 1.80 ERA in his first pro season, with 37ks in 30 innings.].

RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates | @Lou_Redwood