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"The Brains"

Ben Brewster, BSc, CSCS | Founder

Ben is the creator of TreadAthletics' Online Performance Coaching, specializing in strength training and velocity development for youth, high school and collegiate pitchers. Ben was once a scrawny 155lb kid in high school, struggling to hit 73 miles-per-hour. His training and research led him to completing a degree in exercise science and pitching 4 years in the ACC. Along the way, he gained more than 50lbs of muscle while adding more than 20mph to his fastball. He was selected in the 15th round of the 2014 MLB Draft. He is passionate about helping athletes defy the odds and unlock their true potential, even as he continues his own career as a pro.
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"The Brawn"

Mike Leffer, BSc | Co-Founder

Mike holds a degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduating with high honors. A varsity collegiate athlete himself, his varied athletic background has always been firmly based in strength training and hypertrophy. A 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Mike currently serves as a transportation officer stationed in Hawaii. His innovative approach to strength development continues to be a driving force behind TreadAthletics' training philosophy.

"The Wizard"

Coan McAlpine, CPT  | Performance Consultant

Meet our secret weapon and resident large human. Don't let his baby face fool you, underneath his youthful complexion lies a long gray beard, and wisdom beyond his years. Coan is a 6’4” 240lb left-handed pitcher, and was one of the country's top D1 recruits after establishing himself as one of the very best prep players in the country. At 18, he threw 92 mph (with a mid 80s slider) and was projected in the 8th round. At 19, he long tossed baseballs in excess of 410 feet after adding over 30 pounds to his frame. As he continues training in pursuit of his own career, he joins TreadAthletics as both a strength coach and pitching consultant. Did we mention he is an honors biochemistry student? Crazy.